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How to [batch] cut/name/export several sections of recording?

hey all.

i have a recording of a broadcast about 2hrs long, with a bunch of songs and comercials. i want to just cut out some commercials, and name/export the songs individually so they'll play in a playlist in my media player. it was originally recorded into Audacity, using the (internal) L/R of the laptop as the source, ie 'what u hear' option.

i have Samplitude prox3, Audacity, reaper, audtion 3, ozone standalone, daws to do it with, doesnt matter to me what one(s) i use.

thanks for any thoughts or advice!

What's her name - new mix

@DonnyThompson @Chris @pcrecord

Hi Guys,

Per suggestions and comments, here is a new mix. I am working on new songs, but I just felt like knocking this one on the head, while I was in the mood. Bass has been tightened, voice fixed, over all mix redone. As usual all comments welcome :).



Mic and Preamp samples Regensburg Dom and lindell audio to name a few

This is not part of a mic shootout. Just a few dry clean samples for reference on the internet.

This grouping has mostly samples of the Cathedral Pipes Regensburg Dom, Neumann tlm102 mics, and the lindell audio 6x-500, Vintech 573, bla b12a, and electro harmonics 12ay7 tube pre (w/now rca tubes) preamps.

There's no compression/plugs/normalizing on any of the tracks.

Converter is a black lion audio modded rme ufx, also using bla's micro clock as well.


Need comments about my Name idea

I was going to release some music and was going to use the name BiPolar Express, because my stuff is a varied mix. I locked down the domain name and copyright for myself, but some people are saying it is maybe insulting to people. I am not a punk band, am mainstream so don't want to upset potential listeners/customers. What do you think? Is the name insensitive?

How Do I/Do I Need To Register My Band Name?

It's a name which I'm not seeing any incarnations of online for the exact phrasing I'm using. There's an instance of the bandname proceeded by "The", but I'm not using "the" so technically it's different.

Anyways, I wanted to know what's the protocol for locking down a name legally so no one sneaks it away from me later?

Taking an older band's name


I'm new to the forum and I had a question.

Could I potentially run into trouble by taking the name of a band that released 3 12 inch singles with a name that had one letter different than my chosen name?

what if their last release in 1986 had the exact same spelling as mine?

It's almost impossible to find info on this band online and it wasn't till I was deep into the project that I found this old band.

no you tube videos, no nothing. should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance!

What should you do when band members want to change the name of your band?

Okay, I'm got a jazz/fusion quartet that's recorded a CD; played a couple of higher profile gigs like music festivals and being the prelude act to a Johnny Matthas concert, aside from playing some jazz clubs. We've got a website with our domain name that's actually being overhauled by a web designer as I write.

So; now 2 of the members want to change the name of the band. One of them actually voted for the original name when we started and now claims that some of his friends said it's "jive" sounding. The other member is a new member of the group.

Does the 'brand name' of RAM matter?

I am upgrading from 2GB to 4GB maybe as much as 8GB if i switch from windows xp to 7. Is there a performance difference among RAM brands? My home recording laptop (toshiba dual 1.6) is 5 yrs old, and is soon going to be my internet machine. i am holding off for a year on a new computer purchase, to get my money's worth, and see how usb 3.0 prevails. I got 4GB PNY brand in there now, as a test, and it works. it's half the price i paid at big box, from an online vendor. So before i finalize this purchase, i'm wondering if 'brand' matters performance-wise on RAM, and if so, how much/why?