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noise from refrigerator

Sound isolation for wood stove stovepipe / chimney?

I'm installing a wood stove in a recording room and I'm concerned about sound coming in from the chimney.  Any suggestions for dealing with this?

There is a consistent noise source nearby which, so far, I have dealt with relatively successfully with window/door plugs.  The stove would open a 6" channel from the room, through the ceiling/attic, and through the roof.

The stove itself might have enough mass to stop the sound (?) but the stovepipe is made of thin metal.

Electrical issue: click-noise from when refrigerator starts/stops

Hey all

Whenever the refrigerator in my studio starts/stops (thermostat regulation), it produces a short pop/click noise on the computerspeakers..
I could live with that. But when I'm recording, that sound is recorded too and makes the recording unusable! :frown:

I have plugged the refrigerator to it's own "dedicated" wall powerplug, but I think all power in the room comes from the same main-line, even though it's divided into different wallplugs..

What to do?