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Reputable Online Educational Videos Links Realted to Acoustics/Engineering

Hey all!

Thought this would be good for me, and hopefully a lot of people. As I look further into the massive amounts of literature, and grow increasingly interested in the more academic and theoretical aspects of music, it's become clear that I can't just absorb therotical physcial concepts, or circuit design, without a better understanding of the math and sciences.

Fairly new to online recording. Clipping issues.

Hello Masters of the Craft,

I have read through your boards for the past few days and though, maybe, you can help me.

I am not a recording star of any significance and do not profess to know ANYTHING about recording. I just sing online for fun and therapy.

That being said, I recently graduated from my Microsoft Headset mic to a condenser mic and interface.

Help with Console, card,PC setup for online "jamming"

Hello folks I need some assistance with my setup. This is one of my first post's here and am not certain that it is even prudent for me to ask for this help. If it is not please accept my apology in advance.

I play online in various jam-rooms and I do it somewhat regularly so I am really hoping someone has a solution.