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I just got TR6, their fresh in the box, i dont even wanna open em as i wanted M Audio BX8's. Aybody used these before? I wanna hear som reviews plz.


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checkmate Sun, 06/12/2005 - 21:40

The Worst Experience ever!

I just opened the boxes to try the monitors out, first one came out fine. I pulled the second one out of the box...I hear knocking, i said Hell no! thats not normal. opened the plastic...saw THAT THE TWEETER WAS OUT OF PLACE AND KNOCKING AROUND IN THE SPEAKER BOX!!! How can something like this happen? What kind of product has these type of defects.

i know from first hand that if i ever was to buy another pair of monitors, i would open them up and inspect and play them in store. As the monitors before these Samson 65a, I plugged em up and they were crackling!

I am really starting to hate buying bad monitors!

Advice to all.... Save up 5 payychecks and buy a Cars worth of 2 monitors. I hope the REAL "PROFESSIONAL" monitors do not have these type of problems and are built more better quality.

Still in Shock!

jonnyc Mon, 06/13/2005 - 07:46

I'm surprised event sent out bad monitors. I have two different pairs of Events and they are amazing. I've had m-audio monitors and I hated them too much in the highs not clear enough lows, my mixes sucked til I upgraded. If you're hellbent on m-audio wait for the replacements of the bx-5's and 8's they're supposed to be more powerful with kevlar cones and upgraded tweets.