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help needed with phantom power problem please?

i have a AKG c3000b condensor mic, a roland jx 305 groovesynth keyboard and a drum machine all connected to a Behringer eurodesk all running into Cubase sx, everything works fine and have been able to make some good recordings over the years, i wanted to record a jam the other day with guitar, bass etc but realsied when phantom power is switched on to enable to mic to work as well, the keyboar

Phantom Power DI Problem

Recording bass guitar at a concert the other day, the bass player’s amplifier gave off a suspicious whine when the bass was plugged into my Whirlwind IMP-2 passive direct box. The ground lift switch on the DI did not get rid of the noise. I suspect that my DI is not blocking the phantom power that my PreSonus Firepod is sending down the line.

Phantom power on splitter snake . a problem

I reccently rented a splitter snake from a local music store to do some live recording of a band. For some reason, I wasn't getting any phantom power at either end of the snake (split or main trunk). Is there something special required in a splitter snake to get phantom power to the business end ?