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Hooking up a Pioneer RT-1020L

I am about to bid, and hopefully buy a Pioneer RT-1020L. Now I have little to no experience and knowledge of recording on tape, but am ready to learn. What i am really wondering is how I would hook it up with my PreSonus studio live 16.4.2 mixer? Also I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief overview of how recording to tape works, or a website where I can find information? Thanks

Pioneer CDJ CD tables...first impressions

Hey all, so a few weeks ago, I asked on this board "what is the best CD turntable?". People pointed me towards the technics, pioneer CDJ's, and numarks. So after exhausting amounts of research and many long sessions at guitar center with doubles of "aquemini", here are my impressions of the current offerings in the CD turntable market.