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Please identify this high pitch noise?

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5 years 10 months
I'm getting a high pitch noise (attached) that has something to do with the pedals (also attached)
Noise only happens when going through pedal board.
No noise when plugging directly into mixer, or into Clarus, then Mixer.

Guitar --> pedals --> Acoustic Image Clarus --> A&H Mixer --> Peavey Power head

By the sound of the noise itself, can anyone identify what it is and best way to go about addressing it? Thanks!

Condenser Mic Sounds stuffy and high pitched

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2 years 1 month
Hello guys!

I have this problem with recording vocals. I use the RØDE NT1A condenser mic and a Behringer Xenyx x1222 as a sound card trying to record on my laptop's DAW (Logic X Pro). The singer I recording with has a really powerful voice with very rich and strong low and high notes.

The problem here is that the microphone does not capture the full range of her voice and the mic sounds high pitched. It cuts the low frequencies and I can't hear the rich sound that I normally hear when she is actually singing live. Any ideas?

High Pitch Noise

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5 years 6 months
Hello, I've recently purchased some cheap budget recording equipment just to lay down some demos and what not. I have the Lexicon Alpha, Cubase LE5 that came with it, and a dynamic mic. I plug the Lexicon in and turn up the line 2/mic channel, I hear a faint high pitch ring. I plug in the XLR for the mic into that channel and it gets worse. I am running Windows 10 on my laptop and have an old desktop with XP on it. On my windows 10 machine the ring only happens when I open up certain software like Cubase, Audacity and even my sound recording properties. The XP desktop is a constant ring.

How does file conversion effect pitch?

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10 years 5 months
Hey ya'll! Long time no see. For the past year or two I haven't been doing much recording or spending time online, but the past few weeks have brought major changes to my life, so I hope to be around more. I'm living in Canada again, and I'm hoping to stay here for a while.


Reducing high-pitched buzz, how to?

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6 years 10 months
An acoustic group I recorded was playing on stage in a room that didn't have the greatest lighting. The two main lights were high-wattage bulbs and hanging from low-rafters just above them and that high-pitched buzz noise from such bulbs is constant background noise throughout the recording.

Pulling my hair out over high-pitched consistent noise...

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9 years 1 month
Hi all!

I've spent hours upon hours trying to figure out this problem before breaking down and signing up so I could start my own "please help me" thread.. facepalm

I'll try to keep the back-story short and concise.. I'm just getting into recording, doing stuff on the cheap for now and I understand and accept that the sound won't be perfect..

m-audio fast track mkII high-pitched noise

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13 years 9 months
Hi to everyone!

I'm getting a bit annoyed by the constant presence of a low high-piched noise every time I plug an instrument to my M-audio fast track mkII. every time I playback audio or use Sonar 8.3.1 to record, I hear this noise which would be bearable if only it DIDN'T get INTO the recordings!

If anyone is good at pitch-correcting vox, and wants to make a few bucks

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9 years 7 months

An acquaintence of mine found a vocalist for his band, and apparently this guy is like most pop stars today, and can't sing in key. So, they are in need of some pitch correction. I have neither the time nor the patience, so if anyone around here has the tools and the know-how, and wants to make a few (and I do mean a few) dollars, send me a pm.