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power supply

Vintech Audio x73i - Power Supply

Hello everybody. I purchased a Vintech audio x73i, and I have a question for experts...
Power supply is for 120v/60Hz; but in our country is 220v... So i need to buy a transformer from 220v to 110v. My question is; if anybody knows that's the power consumption of "Vintech power supply"? ... transformer must be 100 watt... 300watt ... 600watt? ...
and by the way "Vintech Power Supply" is a pulse transformer or classic?(Electron).
this is important when choosing a transformer 220v to 110v.

p.s. sorry for the translation

separate phantom power supply

Hi. I'm new to recording and had a few basic questions. At least... I imagine they're basic.

1. I have a mic that requires phantom power - does anyone have any suggestions on a simple, good "clean" phantom power unit? Are there some features I should look for aside from just power?

2. I have an MXL 990 and I was wondering what the purpose of the secondary plastic mount was? The primary one has the elastic and is suspended. What application would you use the plastic mount for?

PreSonus Firestudio Project - Needs power supply schematic

Asking on behalf of a fellow member on another electronics repair forum. He seems to have a bad a resistor that is some type of 1/4 resistor that is right beside the bridge rectifier. Obviously, these new types of schematics are tough to come by... However, the year of the device is 2007 and all that is really needed is the value of this resistor. Just checking as I am curious if anyone has come across any schematics like this one in particular. thanks. thumb

In need of a Power Supply for a Alesis Multimix 8 USB (18V) (Will pay)

I was just given the Alesis Multimix 8 USB but my friend had accidentally thrown out the power supply with some other old electronics. As it would turn out, this is very hard to find. There are no after-market power supplies made, as far as I can tell. The specs are 18V 500 mA and here is a picture of what I need:



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