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presonus eureka

Using the PreSonus Eureka for outboard mixdown

I know it's lame, but its all I got. I'm running Cubase 5 with a Saffire Pro 10i/o (discontinued) and the Eureka. Right now I'm running channel 3 output from the Saffire into the line input of the Eureka via TRS, then line out of the Eureka into channel 1 of the Saffire. Then my brain exploded.

I know its a mono strip, but I thought I might be able to use it to output two separate instances of the recording. Could anyone walk me through it? I'm talkin baby steps here.

RME Fireface 800-Do I still need PreSonus Eureka or GT The Brick to record wit the FF

Ive got an RME Fireface. would like to warm up the sound. The PreSonus Eureka sounds like a great options and value. I'm on a budget so dont even mention Neve or API, othewise it would be Neve all the way for me. I've been reading about the Brick by Groove Tubes, sounds like more of what Im looking for. Do I need both, one or neither. If I go into the Brick for warmth thats one pre, then the PreSonus for lets say compression or ez or just watching the level, 2nd mic preamp, then finally into the mic preamp of the RMEfireface 800. Thats 3 pres Im going through.

Focusrite Trackmaster vs. PreSonus Eureka

I currently work with a Digi 002. I am looking to upgrade the preamps. I will be using the pre for vocals only and am looking for a louder, smoother, thicker "in your face" vocal. Does anybody have any feedback or suggestions as to which preamp to purchase?

I am leaning towards the Eureka but have heard a few good things about the Focusrite Trackmaster.

All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

PreSonus Eureka with firepod

I have been recording full bands with my PreSonus Firepod for about 6 months now. Overall, I am very happy with the firepod's quality and ease to use the product. But after a while, i have been looking into another PreSonus product called the Eureka. I have been reading other forums like this, and a lot of people use this along with a firepod or two and say they get great results with the combination. So my question was [and probably a dumb one] How exactly is the Eureka ran with the firepod in terms of hooking them up together?

PreSonus Eureka AD192 with EMU1820M sync issue

I am using the SPDIF out on my PreSonus Eureka to my EMU1820M SPDIF in. My host is set for 44Khz and my Eureka is set for the same. I am getting a low level crackle on my audio. If I set the Eureka to 88KHz it goes away but the tone suffers a tad.
Does anyone know If I need to use the BNC world clock to sync the EUreka to the EMUs 44Khz?



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