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Pro Tools 10 HD - Monitoring is happening twice/double

Hey everyone
I've been trying Pro Tools 10 HD and its Plugins etc. to be able to have my personal view on the DAW.

As I'm recording vocals, I notice a double-effect in monitoring, but the recorded vocal track is not double. How can I disable Pro Tools Software monitoring?

How to hook up mixer/interface to Pro Tools 10?

Hey everybody! I've never posted on here before so not real sure what to expect...

I work with Pro Tools constantly in school, but am having the biggest problem trying to get PT to recognize this interface. I have a Behringer X1204 USB Mixer/Interface. My question is, is this even compatible with PT? If so, how do I go about setting it up?

Graphics for pro tools 10? Thats a bit pricey aint it?

Hi to all. I'm just about to purchase my first big time interface and software ( Apogee ensemble& pro tool's 10) When checking the spec requirement for both these products I realized that I was gonna need something new to rum them off(bye bye laptop :( ) and bank account lol.

Pro Tools 10 fades = suck.

For anyone itching to upgrade, I implore you not to. I want to downgrade because of how awful the new fade system is in PT10. It has completely slowed down my workflow. Whenever you crossfade something you get a doubling effect. Its ridiculous. I can't figure out a way to get around it either. PT9 crossfades were beautiful and effortless. It practically did the work for you.