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Warm Audio - EQP-WA, Pultec style EQ (sneak peek)

I know it's been a long wait for a picture of the new. . wait for it. TUBE EQ! So here it is. It is a Pultec EQP-1A style EQ, with high voltage tube makeup gain just like the original! It utilizes CineMag input and output transformers, a CineMag inductor, Tung Sol high-end tubes out of the box (12AX7 and 12AU7).

Classic PULTEC PASSIVE EQS with API 2520 makeup gain stage

Particularity on the Pulse Techniques EQP 1A3 . Not interested in other clones.
I'm addicted to Pultec's this month and want to know how sweet the high end is on the SS compared to the tube version?

I know you are looking for opinions on these or have some if you are here.

I have 2 MEQ-5's tubes and love them. I use them together with the Millennia NSEQ-4. The high end on the NSEQ is crazy sweet, it is SS.
This takes care of the master bus sweetness while the MEQ's take care of mids.

Pultec MEQ-5 relative output level = -3.5dB even in bypass?

Can this be right?

It's just been pointed out to us that our Pultec MEQ-5 drops the signal level by almost 4 dB, which we've confirmed in our lab with a signal generator / analyser.

After changing ALL the valves the relative o/p level is now -3.5dB but I don't know if this particular unit is supposed to be "zero in, zero out" or if this signal drop is normal.

Any idea anyone?

Techie, Olympic Studios

Pultec Eq

After having not used it for a few months, I have come back around to this guy. It does a good job as long as you don't need it to be too surgical. I finally have my head around the technique of boosting and cutting the high end at the same time (which the Pultec was designed to do). The engineers designed it so the boost and cut on the high end work independently of each other, thus you can boost 3 at 10 Khz (or kilocycles) while cutting 4 at 5 K. The bottom end boost and cut are tied together (Special thanks to Steven Drake for the lowdown that FINALLY got through my thick skull). David


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