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Looking for feedback on my Cloud Rap song

Hello everyone,

My name is Choof, I am an indie artist from Ontario, Canada. I just released a new song and am looking for feedback on the vocal mix. I work in Logic Pro, and used EQ, Compressor, De-esser, pitch correction, and a little reverb/chorus on a bus. I also layer my vocals.

I'm very new to mixing my own vocals, so any feedback would be great!


HELP! Singing (rapping) techniques while recording

Hi guys, can anyone give my some tips on how i can deliver my rap correctly?

basically I'm going really wild on the mic but when it comes to listening back, it sounds dull and with no effort? Any advice / tips on delivery when recording and/or how to mix it to put life into it?

P.s I'm really new to recording/mixing my own stuff..

Heres an example of my work

Questions about RAP vocals (PANNING, compression, etc..)

Hey, this is my first post so i apologize if i sound like a noob. I'm still pretty new to recording and have cheap equipment but am surprised at how i can get it to sound... SO FAR. I have limited access to a computer so i can only check replies every few days if that. Anyways, onto the quesitons.

Please recommend a mic for rapping/singing (hip hop/dance/rock) - under $400 used/new


I can give you about 5 examples of my vocal style/range, which pretty much summarizes it all. Building Castles's Profile - Indaba Music Most of it isn't really hip hop from these particular examples, but in my music, I do a fair amount of rapping and I sing in every song. Black Holes would be a good song to check out, as it represents both my rapping and my singing.


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