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rap vocal mics

Mic for rap vocals... (uh7k pre)

I've already read all the threads but want to start another to address my specific questions. I am using a uh7000 and am keeping my st69 tube.

I've already owned:
-c214 (liked it)
-ksm42 (sometimes I liked it but wasn't my fav)
-at4047 (didn't really like it that much)
-st69 (sometimes I LOVE it sometimes not as much)

Okay so I'm looking for one of these and am apprehensive hence the thread you see here:

Mic for recording talking and vocals /rap

I have a sure sm58 and a c4000B AKG.
The problem is I like the sure sm58 for listening to myself talk all day. rap music and chorus singing.

So I want a mic like the sm58 thats good for recording talking and vocals and like performance situations.
400-1200 dollar range

I get a lot of sound in my room so that`s why. I like dynamics cause they don`t break but maybe I should move on.
Should I go with hyper cardiod or will the sure ksm9 cut out enough background noise so that I don`t hear my computer or room noise on all the recordings.

Rapper, microphones for Rap Vocals

Hey everyone I'm Wade, I'm 15 and a rapper, My voice is on the deeper side, I'm looking for a <$500 Condenser Mic to record my vocals with.
I have a pop filter, Blue Icicle preamp and a Voice Soundguard to accompany the mic. Also I have researched for countless hours reading forums and reviews and understand that each mic sounds a little different for each person. But Some feedback would be much appreciated with what mic I should go for as I'm very confused as I have a few to choose from, here they are.


Please recommend a mic for rapping/singing (hip hop/dance/rock) - under $400 used/new

I can give you about 5 examples of my vocal style/range, which pretty much summarizes it all. Building Castles's Profile - Indaba Music Most of it isn't really hip hop from these particular examples, but in my music, I do a fair amount of rapping and I sing in every song. Black Holes would be a good song to check out, as it represents both my rapping and my singing. I'm a dynamic singer, so I'll go from fairly soft to really loud in the same phrase.

Need advice on a mic for Rap/Hip Hop

Hey guys, I've just purchased some software to get prepared for my recordings and now I'm looking to find a good mic. I've always recorded rap/hip hop music and my friends tell me my lyrics are very good but that my cheap mic makes the tracks too ugly. I was hoping I could get some recomendations for purchasing a mic that will give my vocals the quality that they demand for my tracks.

My tube Mic crapped on me today. Please help...

Tracking vocals today. RODE K2Tube condenser mic. In the middle of a lyric, the mic preamptty much stopped working. Still had a signal but was about one tenth of the volume it should have been at. The singer for some reason pulled the pop-stopper off of the mic right before it crapped out. Checked the tube and it appeared to be fine. Would spit hitting the diaphram cause a short or something? Maybe the cable was jarred...would this cause the problem. It uses a 7 prong female thingy so I didn't have another cable to try. Any suggestions? Any help would be much apprieciated! Thanx!



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