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Hooking up receiver to Focusrite pro 40

i have an IMAC, Yamaha receiver and a Focusrite pro 40.

Goal here is to get sound from imac, to Focusrite then to reviever that has a 5.1 system hooked up to it.

firewire from imac to Focusrite right now.

then fiber optic audio cord from Focusrite to Yamaha receiver. i have no idea why its not working.

Best wireless headset mics, transmitters, receivers


I have a big opportunity to supply and provide all sorts of wireless remote services.

Please chime in and share what you know about all this from the headsets, transmitters and wireless receivers. Are there certain mics that work better and are there certain headsets that people prefer?
Since RODE is a big supporter of RO, I was considering their new line, the HS1 headset.

Using a Mcintosh 1900 Receiver as a preamp

grandfather recently died and i ended up with some old school top of the line home audio gear.

really stoked about a sweet sounding pair of b&w speakers, a 50lb. Yamaha turntable and mostly about a "mac 1900" stereo receiver. haven't had much chance to look into the specs on the 1900 but it's solid state with tubes...