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recording acoustic guitar


Recording acoustic guitar using Zoom R16

I'm working on recording acoustic guitar and vocals using my zoom R16 track recorder. transferring them to Cubase 5 then editing, mixing mastering etc... My issue is getting my Acoustic Guitar to sound like it does when I play it live or through my fishman solo amp. I've tried all kinds of mics, room treatments, set up etc... but this is the best I've gotten and it sounds too metally, and tin can like, Any thoughts on working with it in cubase or ?? Recorded both mic'd ( with at2020 and through guitar pedal) and lined in.
guitar Taylor 314ce

Recording acoustic guitar - hear my breathing etc

So I cut a track of acoustic guitar using a stereo pair of RODE M5's . And I can hear my mouth sounds and breathing. My room is not ideal - there's noise anyway but the mouth sounds. Bla! I'm about 2 feet from the mics and about 18 to 20 inches above them and have my head cocked to the side breathing away from them. (So maybe 36 inches away).

When the other tracks are playing the noise is fine. But there's a few softer or acoustic only passages. What do the pros do here? It's a 6 minute song - can't hold my breath that long.


How low can you go(on the levels when recording acoustic guitar)

I am Micing an acoustic guitar with 2 condensor mics(not the greatest, but fair), using an ART Tps II 2 channel preamp, and a Korg D888. In the past I felt I have recorded with the levels too loud, not peaking, but with the gain high enough that it creates a guitar tone that is far from what I desire. I have found at lower levels the tone is more natural and warmer. My question is how, low is too low? It looks like on the recording I did today the levels are mostly between -30db and -20db with a couple spots getting as loud as -13db and as quiet as -40.


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