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Recording keyboards

Recording MIDI keyboard with/without Audio Interface?


Been wondering whats the best way to plug everything:

  • MAudio Code 49 - midi controller
  • Steinberg UR22 MKii - audo interface
  • FL Studio 12
  • Windows 10

So I had MIDI keyboard before I had an Audio interface. That got succesfully plugged in to an USB port in my laptop. Didnt go through Preset Editor (but will do), everything kind of worked, tried to record - worked too.

Can i rig my midi keyboard to play a certain sound/recording using my SL 24.4.2?

Hi there, I just found this website while searching for the solution to my problem. I'm in a band and on our CD we used a couple "intros" that are not music. For example we have a song about zombies and the beginning of it sounds like a zombie hoard being shot with a machine gun. Back to the point, I was wondering if it is possible for me to be able to have my Axiom 61 keyboard on stage to trigger these sounds using its "pads"

My gear: PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 into a Sony Vaio laptop, Keyboard is an M-Audio Axiom61.

Recording/Midi Interface + Keyboard recommendations wanted

Hi, I am looking to start up my home studio. The current links that I am looking for are the interface and keyboard.

My overall goal is to eventually have a high quality setup for mostly digital recording (Axe FX II as an endgame).

My current hardware:
ComputerProcessor:Core i5-2500
GFX: Sapphire HD 6950 1GB

Recording old Casio keyboards

I've got some Casios from the 90s that I won't to do a couple of tracks with. Any suggestions on how I might record one of these? I'm thinking maybe I can modify it somehow to get a decent line out from it. Has anyone here attempted something like this?

The only output it has is a small headphone jack. Let me know if you have any thoughts you'd like to share.

Sorry about the preposterous username. I must have opened this account a years ago.

Recording a Keyboard?

Hello all, I would like to learn what cables I need to run a Casio CTK-593 through my computer to record it. On the back it has MIDI in/outputs, and a Big Jack(?), I would like it to go from Big Jack to a Headphone jack. I have hooked my guitar to my computer like this but I am missing cords. Thanks to anyone who will help me.

Recording Yamaha Keyboard (Stereo)

Hi -

I have a quick and straight forward question. I'm looking at purchasing a Fostex MR8HD and I see it has four XLR inputs and four 1/4" unbalanced.

Some of the samples on my keyboard are stereo samples and I would like to capture that onto the MR8HD. The keyboard only has a headphone jack for an out. The MR8HD will not capture stereo from the 1/4" because it is unbalanced - but what if I ran a cable that was 1/4" balanced to XLR. would this then capture the stereo sample?

Any ideas/suggestions/advice? I hope my question isn't too stupid.

keyboard recording issue

I want to record Yamaha P-80 through Lexicon Lambda connected to a laptop with Cubase LE.
1. I take stereo output from P-80 and connect to Line 1 and Line 2 of Lambda. Even on a low gain it gives terrible noise. Even when Volume level is turned off on P-80.

2. When I connect the same cable to the amp Microphone INs there is no
noise. ?

3. When I take L/L+R out and connect it to Guitar input (Lexicon front IN).
There is no noise. So I can record Mono.

I would like to know why Line In gives a noise.

Recording Keyboard Advice

I'd sure welcome any advice on recording a keyboard. It's all new to me, I just have a modest humble home setup, trying to do the best with what I've got.
I've got a Casio Wk3200, I take a line-out of its stereo headphone jack and record direct to my recorder.
I'vd been experimenting recording piano, organ and horn parts, the casio does have some nice sounds but I don't quite seem to be capturing them to well yet, I've been trying eq'ing etc, and it sounds ok, but I'm thinking I can get it better.