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recording keyboards

Can i rig my midi keyboard to play a certain sound/recording using my SL 24.4.2?

Hi there, I just found this website while searching for the solution to my problem. I'm in a band and on our CD we used a couple "intros" that are not music. For example we have a song about zombies and the beginning of it sounds like a zombie hoard being shot with a machine gun. Back to the point, I was wondering if it is possible for me to be able to have my Axiom 61 keyboard on stage to trigger these sounds using its "pads"

My gear: PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 into a Sony Vaio laptop, Keyboard is an M-Audio Axiom61.

Recording old Casio keyboards

I've got some Casios from the 90s that I won't to do a couple of tracks with. Any suggestions on how I might record one of these? I'm thinking maybe I can modify it somehow to get a decent line out from it. Has anyone here attempted something like this?

The only output it has is a small headphone jack. Let me know if you have any thoughts you'd like to share.

Sorry about the preposterous username. I must have opened this account a years ago.

Recording Yamaha Keyboard (Stereo)

Hi -

I have a quick and straight forward question. I'm looking at purchasing a Fostex MR8HD and I see it has four XLR inputs and four 1/4" unbalanced.

Some of the samples on my keyboard are stereo samples and I would like to capture that onto the MR8HD. The keyboard only has a headphone jack for an out. The MR8HD will not capture stereo from the 1/4" because it is unbalanced - but what if I ran a cable that was 1/4" balanced to XLR. would this then capture the stereo sample?

Any ideas/suggestions/advice? I hope my question isn't too stupid.


keyboard recording issue

I want to record Yamaha P-80 through Lexicon Lambda connected to a laptop with Cubase LE.
1. I take stereo output from P-80 and connect to Line 1 and Line 2 of Lambda. Even on a low gain it gives terrible noise. Even when Volume level is turned off on P-80.

2. When I connect the same cable to the amp Microphone INs there is no
noise. ?

3. When I take L/L+R out and connect it to Guitar input (Lexicon front IN).
There is no noise. So I can record Mono.

Recording Keyboard Advice

I'd sure welcome any advice on recording a keyboard. It's all new to me, I just have a modest humble home setup, trying to do the best with what I've got.
I've got a Casio Wk3200, I take a line-out of its stereo headphone jack and record direct to my recorder.
I'vd been experimenting recording piano, organ and horn parts, the casio does have some nice sounds but I don't quite seem to be capturing them to well yet, I've been trying eq'ing etc, and it sounds ok, but I'm thinking I can get it better.



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