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Recording Choir and Organ in a Church


I've got a recording to do in a church on Saturday - it's a public event, and I'm going to record it for them. Not a church I have been to before, so I'm going to put up a heavy duty stand centre and am thinking maybe a chance to try out some more microphone experiments.

Church Organ Recording

Over the years I have recorded quite a few pipe organs in different venues, some more successful than others - but yesterday doing some prep work for a project in the summer, I came across a really knowledgeable organist - who is also an old school recordist, 78 restorer and collector of old and rare BBC broadcasts of organ music from the 1930s.

John Eargle Discusses pipe organ recording technique on CD

Saw this referenced on another forum, and thought that some here would benefit from the purchase. I lucked out and got one for 2.50 on ebay, but they are cheap anyway.

Microtech Gefell 296S Pipe organ recording



Here is one piece from the recording in finland with Markus Wargh.
But you must pay attention that it's a wooden church. So the
acoustics is pretty bad.

Sorry for the low compression on the file...But i don't have sufficient space on the web for my files.

What do guy's think about this recording ?

Link removed

Pipe Organ recordings----- >3 pieces!

Im wonder if any one.. whant to listen to a recording i'll have done. The organist is from finland Markus Wargh..Now hi is working
in sweden as Cathedral organist (Lulea) and Concert organist .

The recording is made with Apogee MiniMe and RODE 's NT2-A in omni
mode. A-B setup