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recording trio

Equipment to record piano trio in a home studio

Hello everyone,

I'm helping some friends of mine, two of whom are two members of a classical piano trio, to create a recording setup for them. They want to spread their recording time over a long time -- many months -- and felt it would be more cost effective (and practical, timewise) to buy recording equipment than to hire a sound engineer to constantly come in and work. Their intention is to have me take the raw audio files and edit and process them using my software (DP). I much more experience than they do in this.

Recording a jazz trio. Low budget

Hi there,

New here, thanks for let me enter here.

I play in a non professional jazz trio (bass, drums and guitar) and I want to record our rehearsals. I've been using so far a zoom H1, which I think is really useful. But I want to have better recordings. We play not in a studio, so the acoustics of the room are inexistent. However, to my ears there are not serious flaws on that area. We play low level.

Recording Jazz trio

Hi everyone!
I'm a professional jazz piano player, I'm from Italy and my english is not so good, so excuse me in advanced.
My goal is this: recording professionally a jazz trio (piano, double bass, drums) in my room with only two microphones.
I know it could sound absurd, but:
-I put some Vicoustic panels on the walls.
-I have already recorded a CD in trio (with more or less 14 microphones) and the result is great!

CAD E-350 vs. Cad Trion 8000

Looking to upgrade my mic set.

The two mics that I've read decent reviews on are the CAD E-350 and CAD Trion 8000 both which I can aquire for $500. An awesome microphone within the 400-600 price range for Acoustic, Vocals, and Ambient Recordings is what I'm looking for. Any advice, experience with these products, or even other mics within that price range?

thanks guys!

At 2020 vs. cad Trion 8000

HI, I own a At2020 and Just purchased a CAD trion 8000.
I tested them side by side on a Focusrite Preamp and the Mics sound nearly Identical. I also recorded me singing into both mics at the same time and thay have a nearly Identical sound through my monitiors.Iwas hoping to get that wow factor from the cad But it seems the at2020 is right there. I am new to this But it looks as the cad will be returned tomorrow, as I wa :D s looking for a colorful tube mic with better sound than my at2020(Cheap bottom of the line Audio-Technica)
any replies appreciated.
Thanks. :D

Recording Jazz Trio on limited equiptment help please

Hello everyone, Im being faced with a challenge, i need to record a jazz trio, my gear is limited to a mixer an 8 track recorder, only can record 2 tracks at a time, and half a dozen mics 2 large condensers 2 small, and 2 dynamics

What would be the best way to go about this, instruments in trio are Piano, Drums, and electric bass

Thanks, hope to hear from you all!


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