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rode nt4

RODE NT4 stereo mic for recording musician strings percussion


I am a 1 man camera crew! (due to budget constraints)
I want to record some musicians(percussion and-or string-guitar) in a small enclosed space( a music store actually).

I was thinking of simply boom mounting a RODE NT4 stereo mic going straight into my Zoom H6.

Opinions? Would a good cardioid mic be a better choice?

Why is RODE NT4 (stereo) priced more than the matched pair of NT5?


The capsules in the RODE NT4 and NT5 have identical specs, and every review I've seen says that the matched pair of NT5s, when mounted for coincident stereo recording sound identical to the NT4.

So why is the NT4 priced 25% more than the NT5 Pair?

I'd like to get a pair for recording on-the-road; the NT4 looks more convenient for Stereo recording, but the separate mics in a pair of NT5s may be more flexible. Is the NT4 a better mic than a pair of NT5s for any technical reason?

RODE NT4 capsules


I've been reading various posts here that talk about the NT5. Then it's further mentioned that the NT55 is a better choice as it has the same omni capsules as used by the NT5 AND has a nice set of cardioid capsules. I've also read that the NT55 cardioid capsules are the same as on the NT4. Here is the question.

I have an NT4. Are the capsules on the NT5 removable? If so, and I bought a pair of them, would putting my NT4 capsules on the NT5 be the same (or at least similar) to having an NT55 (Not withstanding that the NT55 has various switching options)

RODE NT4...The Aussies get it right again!


Okay, so I know there's nothing new about the NT4, but it's new to me.

My first "REAL" experience with RODE Mics was the K2 (which some here have recently expressed issues with). I still own the K2 and I am infinitely pleased with it. It is not all mics to all people, but it is a warm, full, non-hyped and non-rolled-off mic that, to me, works in a LOT of situations. I then began exploring many of the other RODE large diaphragm mics. Though I don't own any other than the K2, I've used (with great results and pleasure) almost every other RODE LDC.

SP C4s, or B3s, or RODE NT4?


Hey guys which one of these mics in your opinion is more versatile? Obviously the B3 has more patterns but how is the sound? Good for drum room, or overheads?Are C4s good for capturing room? Is the Nt4 exceptionally good for overheads? These questions are confusing me.Help! I need a pair of cheap good mics.(I have a pair of C1s) Thanks :w:


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