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Royer SF-12 with Fetheads vs. Royer SF-24

I wonder how the Royer SF-24 active stereo ribbon would compare to the passive Royer SF-12 run through FetHead or Cloudlifter impedance matching preamps?

Does anybody have experience of comparing first hand? Is SF-24 quieter? Better sounding? Or maybe not?

Comments very much appreciated!

Royer SF-24 , DPA 4011 ORTF for Choirs

I've discussed this more than once but wasn't sure what mics I'd settle on and know how the room would sound with people in it until yesterday.

Recording 14 choirs over 2 days. Largest choir will be 75 people.

Royer SF-24 + Millennia or Paintpot

Opinions on best preamp match for Royer24 ribbon mic,
for recording classical ensembles in a wide variety of situations.
I've been thinking Millennia HV3D or Crookwood Paintpot.
Also curious as to hear Ben's comparison of the Pacifica preamp
to these ones.