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Samplitude Pro X4 Giveaway Ideas

Hey everyone, its once again time for another Samplitude giveaway! Thanks to Basti and the generous team at MAGIX, we have one license of Samplitude Pro X4 to give away to a lucky member.

Before we start... I’m using this thread to gather interest and ideas (y) before we start.
Please help me come up with a Samplitude ProX 4 contest idea.


Magix Samplitude Pro X4 - initial setup and first use

Hi gang,

I've been asked many beginners questions on Samplitude and recording in general on my Youtube channel.
I've just finished a video that covers most of the basics for someone who starts recording.
Also, I cover most of the config and features of Samplitude
Hope it will help a few.

Slow export time in Samplitude Pro X4

Greetings friends!. This is my first comment / question I hope you can help me a little.
I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to record a symphony orchestra added to a live band. A total of 64 channels were recorded through 2 Beheringer mixers (X32).
Now that I'm finishing some of the mixes, with many processes on almost all channels, the export time is very slow.