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shure 545 unidyne III


Repairing a Shure 545?


I recently bought an older Shure 545 (4-pin Amphenol era) on eBay, and while it works, it sounds a bit of the dog with voice: a greatly diminished low end, and reminiscent of talking through a paper towel tube.

Given there's only three parts to the mic: cartridge, transformed and wiring, it seems eminently repairable (by me), but I have no idea what's wrong with it. So I'm looking for pointers, links or URIs of forums that might help me diagnose the trouble with microphone.

So if you could help, I'd be greatly appreciative!

Thanks, Charles

Wiring classic Shure 545 unidyne iii 4 pin amphenol to XLR

Can anybody help me with the correct cable wiring for a Shure 545 which has 4 pin amphenol connector (the type which changes impedance by changing the mic cable) very early I believe made in USA before Shure moved production to Mexico.
I bought 2 of these for my son but need to try to sort cables for him
I have seen an old thread by RemyRAD and others which seems to describe my problem (low output) so I think I have probably wired cable wrongly.
Can anyone help a newbie please? Pin numberings would help

Shure 545SD Unidyne III vs. SM57. What's the difference?

So; I was talking with a friend of mine and we both professed our ignorance regarding the difference between these two mikes. Does one have a transformer and not the other? Aren't the capsules essentially the same? Was the SM57 simply an upgrade on cosmetics?

It would be interesting if anyone had some insight on this. at least to me, anyways!

Fixing broken Shure 545 (Unidyne III, same as SM57)... argh!


One of the Shure 545 (Unidyne III, predecessor and very similar build to SM57) mics I recently acquired has a broken coil-

In the part under the grille assembly where the wire comes out from under the diaphragm and goes down the side of the mic (under some tape), the coil-wire is broken. I believe I should be able to pull a tiny bit more through from the coil and resolder it carefully, but I'm not sure if there's any pitfalls to look out for.

Anyone got any suggestions, or experience fixing broken coils on 57s?


Shure 545 Unidyne III

Hi all, have just bought 3 Shure 545 unidyne III via ebay... just not sure what model they are (545s, 545d etc), and what connector they will have on them (XLR or 4pin?)... also if anyone can tell me what era they may have come from, would be much appreciated. Pic is below..


edit: sorry i can't get the pictures working.. if you have/know anything about the mic, can you please visit the link below for the pic? thanks again!