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shure beta 58a


Big sound. Full sound. Sophisticated sound. Is your mic living up to the power of your vocal? For decades, the BETA® 58A has been through the ringer, pushing voice to the limit on the biggest stages in the world. For sound that commands the attention of the entire crowd, this is your microphone.

Shure beta 58a vs. other stuff, really important question.

Hello, I'm Damien and I have a life matter question. Right now I'm
in the middle of recording my band's first album. We are from totally
different country, but we decided to commit our lives to the music and
start to live in London. For about five months it will happen, so as you
can see, this album is really important for us.
The music recording is over, so right now I just have to do some
good vocal job. I tried exactly every mic the studio offers, and I'm not
pleased as much as I want to be. After few microphones (I think they were

Microphone articles & shootout: SM7B, SM57, Beta 58A, BG2.1, RE20, AT4050

Hi microphone lovers! I wrote some articles and created sound clips for a bunch of microphones on Gear-Wiki. I thought I'd share the links as I hope this can be useful.


Sound clips (still working on the articles)



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