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How do you guys track your drums?

Hey everyone quick question. How do you normally track your drums in your DAW? I've been trying to figure out how to record drums for some time now. I've gotten the mic placement side down just need to figure out how to track it in my DAW. I normally use a Sure SM57 on the snare, an Audix D6 on kick, 3 Sennheiser E604's on toms, and two Sterling Audio's for overheads. So 7 mics in all.

Lowering All Channel Outputs Globally in a DAW?

Hey Ya'll

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question for some of ya:

I have a session with a zillion tracks and many with all sorts of fader volume automation.

Im running into some red in my master bus and am concerned about too many peaks when I bounce down the session.

Is there any way to notch down all faders globally, say a couple of db, without having to manually rewrite all the automation for all tracks?

I'm in Cubase sx3. I can't seem to figure it out.

Interfaces for Pro Tools?

Ok .. so here's the deal.

I'm going to be saving my ass off to buy an interface for my new studio so that I can use my pro tools 8 and have more inputs than my MBOX.

I want 8 simultaneous inputs or more so that I can happily do decent drum tracks..

At the moment I record drums in Cubase and then transfer them to pro tools which is just a massive pain in the ass because for some weird reasons the tracks don't match to the metronomes right off the bat when you import them, you have to marginally shift them and it's irritating.

New Kickin Blues

Hi kids. Uncle Dogg simply checking in and wanted you all to know whats up at Drool'n Dogg Productions these days. Finished, in January, all the tracking of a Blues record I'm producing, with the keys going on at the 'new' studio. The Clubhouse Studio is no more. The Drool'n Dogg Ranch takes its place. Some parts better, others not. Ya get what ya get.

How To Take Care Of Live Equipment

Long story short, I'm running quite a bit of sound lately and I'm finding it difficult, a pain, and risky hauling all of my equipment (speakers, amps, effects, mixer, etc) in the back of my pickup truck. I'm going to start looking into a small 5x8 enclosed trailer that I can pull. My goal is to be able to not only use the trailer to haul everything, but to also store everything as well. What are some tips for keeping everything in good condition while being stored in the trailer (most of the time which will be parked in a garage)? Vents, insulation, what? I live in Ohio if it matters...


I love compressors and compression and how it can make or break a track. I like how it takes finesse to do, that aspect appeals to me. But there is one thing I don't fully understand. Attack time. Release is easy enough to understand. Set it so that it releases gradually enough that you don't hear it, but not so long that it's like a clingy girlfriend. I just hope someone can explain the theory behind attack, because I can't think of one, certainly not one larger than 10ms.

Vista 32 and Pro Audio

Hello all,

I've been an analog engineer for over 10 years now, and I'm making the dreaded switch to digital. The "Type A" in me won't let me go willie-nilly purchasing equipment without doing a fair bit of research first.

I have a 2.40 GHz Quad Core PC with 3G RAM running Windows Vista 32 and works just fine. I consider myself computer savvy, but not to the extent that I would be an IT person for a medium/large business.



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