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Soundelux Microphones is the critically acclaimed design and engineering team responsible for developing the much-heralded line of professional level microphones, noted for their ability to recreate the essence and sonic signature of the most popular vintage microphones of all time.

Soundelux microphones, specifically targeted the sound of the top vintage microphones as its design goal. Hand-built with an uncompromising commitment to quality and workmanship, Soundelux Microphones has developed a world-renowned line of professional-grade microphones with all the attributes of the vintage product along with modern advances.

As part of Ascent Media Group, Soundelux Microphones is in the enviable position of being small and engineering-driven, yet with resources beyond that of a small company. The combination of small company “focus” with large company resources is unique, and is one of the core strengths behind Soundelux Microphones.

What pre can make Soundelux 47 give Neumann 47 sound?

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21 years
GUYS PLEASE HELP. Im sure your answers will help 100's o others out there too.

I got a budget of 6K GBP ($12k) if i make use of interest free cred. I want to make some vocal recs of Indian Classical. (you can get an idea of voice on recorded on AKG c414). I dig the vocal sound of Pete Gabriel's SOand he used a tube 47. SO, I figure I should get a tube 47 copy. I heard soundelux 47 is the closest but I havent tried one.

Soundelux iFET7

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16 years 9 months
What are your thoughts on this mic?

Im looking at it and the Soundelux U99 and the Soundelux E251C. I have a Neumann TLM103 and am looking for a better mic. Is the iFET7 good or should I just move up to one of the others?

I'll be running it through an Avalon 737sp and will eventually be getting a Vintech 1073

Thanks for your thoughts :)

Rode K2 vs. Soundelux U195

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21 years
I have a K2 but I'm finding it a tad to bright on my vocals. Just a little too high-endy. I'm looking for something a little silkier.
I just brought a u195 to try out which I'm told is less bright, albeit a totally different flavour of mic. I have the option of keeping the one I like. Basically, one of these will be my one good mic which I'll use on everything-the main focus being vocals. I'd love to hear some comments on the versatility and the differences between the two.
BTW, I'm tracking through a Vipre (which I love)

New Vocal Mic (MG, Soundelux)

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17 years
Ok I STILL can't figure out what I want (no way to test mics here in the middle of nowhere). I use a 414 uls through a 428 with a distressor as my vocal chain and it works pretty good. I want to step it up with a better mic as I have read the 414 is not really a superb vocal mic. I am looking at something from Geffell, because all I have read says their great. Pricewise I am thinking the UMT 70s ($1450) (only bad thing I have read is no transformer). I have also thought about the Soundelux U195 ($1100). I'm not interested in a tube mic so that should keep the costs down.

Soundelux U 195 vs. AT 4060 for vocals.

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17 years
I am looking at both of these mics as my next purchase. I have absolutely no experience with tube mics (AT 4060). I have heard great things about both. As I have been told my voice is a bit brittle and soft, I am trying to find a mic for only doing vocals (rock).
Just seeing what people think about these 2 mics in basically the same price catagory.