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string quartet

Recording A String Quartet with Rode M5 in X/Y Coincident

This demonstration of the Rode M5 sounds pretty good.

I've own this RODE M5 kit and found them to be a great price but a bit metallic sounding. I tried them through a variety of tube pre's which helped soften the sound but still wasn't overly happy with the sound. They are a hell of a deal for the price though.

Its interesting how something sounds ok today when I don't have another option to compare against. I put more focus on the overall performance and simply enjoyed to whole video and the group performing. 

I'm a sucker for string quartets.


Help with Bowing sounds on String Quartet

Hello. First post. I've looked up this topic but haven't found what I'm looking for.
Basically, I am recording a live performance of a string quartet playing classical at a church. In previous recordings the violist has complained that there is too much "bowing noises" in the recordings. On the second try I place the mics about five to six feet away standing height, which seem to give too much room sound, yet the complaint was "still too much bow clicks" etc.

Best portable recorder for violin/string quartet?

I am a professional violinist, looking for advice on a portable digital recorder to use in daily practice and recording of rehearsals. I want something small enough to always have it in my fiddle case, yet deliver sound quality good enought from the build in mics to use in demo recordings for my website. A tall order perhaps, but I do realize that I will never get studio quality in something that small - I just want something with the greatest fidelity possible in the format.

Recording classical string quartet


I just found this forum and see a wealth of experience here. I will be doing some recording with a string quartet and plan to post here to get feedback. I have an Avenson Audio STO-2 omni pair. My first tries will be with a home brew Jecklin disk. I plan to work with the SQ trying out venues and mic. arrangements. Any pointers and encouragement are welcome.


Micing a strings quartet ?


In the next days, I have to record a strings quartet formed of two violins, an alto violin, and a cello.

I'm going to use two condenser mics (Beringher B1, and Tascam LD-74 made by MXL) in a Tascam USL-122. I don't have too many choices with the mics. I also posted on Audio ProGear forum, because I plan to buy two tube preamp for that (VBT-1, or ART V3, or TubePre).

The room is a regular church with reverb.

Ribbons on String Quartet, What's your take?


I have an upcoming String Quartet session where I'll be able to test both an SF24 and a AEA R88. Having had little to no exerience with ribbons I was wondering what Your's where? Especially regarding recording String Quartet.

Reading through the forum talk on Stereo Ribbons, there's loads of mentioning of the SF24 but really nothing on the R88, any special reason?


Radio Broadcast-String Quartet and a last minute request

Yesterday I did a string quartet live broadcast/2 track recording for a classical radio station near here. I used a pair of AKG Blue Line Cardioid microphones in a coincident-pair arrangement. I placed the microphones about 8 feet in front of the quartet and about chest high. The recording and broadcast came off very well*. The only problem was that at the last minute the cellist came up and asked me if I could at some reverb to the radio and recording mix since the room was so "dry".

String Quartet in Pop Music


next week I will track a string quartet for a pop recording. So far I'm planning to use a Schoeps ORTF System for the overall ensemble sound and some room information as well as close Micing each player individually with a Schoeps cardiotic mic.
Since I'm more used to classical recording techniques I have the following questions:

1. How close is close Micing strings for a pop music recording?

2. What is a got spot for close Micing violin/ viola/ cello?

3. Any other suggestions or experiences?

Thanks a lot,

String Quartets

Just been commissioned to do several recording projects of a couple of the symphony's string quartets (finally...!) Although 2 pieces will be recorded remotely at a performance, the remaining 8-10 will be done in house...performers will be set up in the traditional semi-circle. sooooooooooo, my question is:

When doing these types of events, my first reaction is to go ORTF 3-4 feet back from the middle of the arc, and perhaps an older ribbon overhead at 10 ft or so...