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Studer A807 Mk 1 Software 30/88

Machine had fault were 50 V fuse kept blowing. I think that was loose reel turntable causing the Reel drive to crossbar the supply, whenever it got out of step. That sorted, but now unable to align the Audio.
Unable to get any change in adjustment parameters in Level, hf for Repro Sync and record. All speed, All eq.
BUT can control bias level.
It was storing tape position. ( Latest test, seem to indicate that no that is not happening, but unsure about the reliability of this test).
My fear is that it a faulty MCM2802. eeprom chip.

Diggin' out the Studer

I dug my B77 half track out of the closet this morning.

All is well. I spun an old 2 track master on it this afternoon and to my ears, everything sounded fine, although I might give her a going over for bias and alignment this weekend, just to be sure.
(what I found funny and was pleased with is that all my edit points held. That tape is probably 25+ years old, and all the cuts held up.) (y)

Noise reduction for my Studer A807?

Hello everyone,

I just have an used (but in good shape) Studer A807.
Today I have recorded some music to test it and I was very surprised to hear how good and different the sound was!

I did an CD audio extract of a song in Sounforge, then recorded the same track into the Studer through my cheap Tascam M30(without any EQ) and sent the tape into Soudforge.
Then I created a project in Cubase SX and listened to the 2 versions.
The difference was enormous, maybe because the studer had the benefit to have a mixer in front of it?