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studio construction

Video studio layout?

Thinking about a video studio with two sets, one at each end of an isolated room.

Anything obviously terrible about this layout?  Would the deflected walls / ceiling design be sufficient to deal with resonance?

Could the building's exterior wall be an "M" in the M-A-M design?  What would the material layers look like?  Open studs on the inside filled with Roxul, two layers of sheet rock on the outside, then wood and siding over that?

Ideas for new basement studio construction

I have just moved into a house and have a fairly large unfinished basement from which to build a project studio. There is no insulation to speak of and everything is just basically framed with no drywall. There is power but I do have an electrician who is able to run power to virtually any location in th basement should the need come up. There are two 5'6'' x 5' 3'' windows and a sliding glass door (5'10'' x 7'8''). The ceiling is unfinished and the space runs beneath the kitchen and the living room.

Studio Construction Advice

I am researching building a studio within an existing structure. The structure is an office park and the unit is on the corner. There will be one shared firewall in which I will not have to use for the studio space. I will be floating the floors. Although I would enjoy thoughts on the construction of the floors, walls and ceilings, I am really looking at diffusion/reflection solutions. The ceilings will probably be 13/14" in the live room and I'm not sure in the control room. I have purchased the book "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget" and am learning quite a bit.



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