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Why does my studio setup keep electricuting me?

So I've been trying to setup a studio in my new two story house. My upstairs is a large one room, loft like area that I want to use as my control room. There is a small door upstairs that leads to a uninsulated attic like storage space. In that space I drilled a doorknob sized hole in the floor. Directly below that hole is a closet to a bedroom downstairs.

starter home studio setup?

First off, I'm very grateful to have found I'm not going to blast any other forums, I'm just glad I found this one. Though I've performed a lot on stage as a spoken word artist with whatever mics they had (sm58s common?), I'm fairly new to recording and definitely a n00b as an engineer. So..the question at hand..

Here is my current/imminent setup:

Audio Latency/Studio Setup BIG PROBLEMS

I'm running an Audiobox 1818vsl 8 channel mixer through Cubase 5, I have a Head Amp Pro 6 channel headphone amp, a MXL 3000 microphone, and M-Audio Studio Pro 8 speakers. My speakers are connected by connecting an audio cable from the main speaker (right), to the other speaker(left). I have to use the Audiobox as the driver in Cubase in order for me to record through it.