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Summit Audio MPC-100A vs. Vintech X73i

Hi all, I want some advice on the pre-amp.
Neumann Microphone u87ai + Summit Audio MPC-100A
Neumann Microphone u87ai + Vintech X73i
How do you think that version is better? ...
We have possibility to acquire Summit Audio MPC-100A at a good price ...
Initially I wanted to buy Vintech X73i ... but now I do not know what to decide ..
Thank You
p.s. In combination Neumann Microphone u87ai + Summit Audio MPC-100A
possible we include Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec Style Tube Equalizer

Summit Audio 2BA-221 vs. Groove Tubes The Brick

Another one of those silly "what's best" posts...

My current recording rig is described in this post:
(nevermind the long desired equipament list)

Seems that, thanks to some new project I've started working on, I'll be able to get my hands on some cash, and I would like to invest it in what I think is the least capable part of my audio chain - the preamp.

For a long time, I had my mind set on the GT The Brick (which I can get for 399euros), but thanks to moonbaby, I also started looking into Summit Audio's 2BA-221 (589euros).



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