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The Impending Death of TDM

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16 years 1 month
A lot of discussion over Pro Tools going Native and even HD Native. Is there something in the works? Obviously. How close is it? Well it exists already.

My question? Why the baby steps? This is old news over at the DUC but I thought, I'd bring it on over for discussion if anyone is interested.


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Time Division Multiplexing, a method for putting multiple data streams into a single signal. Originally developed for telephone transmission, Digidesign took the concept, applied it to multi track digital audio and today Pro Tools stands as the de facto standard in the professional audio community.

Logic TDM output issue.

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11 years 9 months
I'm trying to use Logic with Digidesign TDM hardware system and I can't seem to output an audio track to a single output channel. I only get an option of 'output 1&2' or 'output 3&4'. I can't just select a mono audio track to output to 'output 1'. I normally use an Apogee Symphony system in core audio mode and this isn't an issue. Is this a limitation of a TDM setup? I'm in Metropolis Studios in London with the clock ticking so if anyone can help asap that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark Saunders

TDM Transmission error in Digitest

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21 years 2 months
Anyone familiar with TDM Transmission error in Digitest, No TDM clock found? Its a d24/mix combo. Mix farm in slot 2, (slot 1 graphic card). D24 slot 3 and farm card in slot 4. Everything was working over a period of 2 years with this set up. Then it sat for 6 months with no use. Pulled it out earlier in the week, ran digitest and got error TDM clock not detected on all cards. I don't have an interface to test with this issue so don't know if this means it won't work completely or what.

To upgrade or not. What is next for PT TDM?

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19 years 8 months
I was considering upgrading my Mix4 TDM,G4 800 and ADAT bridges to a system containing PT HD2 Accel, Mac Pro 2.66 and an 192 I/O DIgital (I use digital boards).

However, I see myself divided between two points of view, with its pros and cons:
a) wait until late 2007 and pick a possible new system by Digi
+ wait for the next generation of Macintels (7.3.1 not fine with them, some weird performance with the MAcs)
+ Mix Systems will even lose more value

b)Upgrade now,but:

Expanding PTools TDM 24mix + with... what?

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21 years 2 months
I want to use my PC (Has heaps of synths.) with TDM on MAC and of course to synchronize it with PT.

(PC power, 2 Gb RAM, Athlon 2500+)

I know, that M-powered PT will not synchronize with PT TDM. What would you suggest to use?

Cubase, Nuendo or Sonar 6?

Sonar 6 seems to be the best choise for drums and loops.

BTW. On PC I use Audiophile 2496.

Any suggestions?


BTW. I use PT for several years and I know how to use it. But I'm willing to learn new tricks!

Best TDM Reverb Plugin for Pro Tools

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21 years 2 months

I'm in the market for a TDM Reverb plugin for Pro Tools and was wondering what the 'word' out there is on the best ones.

I would be mostly using it to enhance our Classical music (acoustic instrument) recordings.

Any input is greatly appreciated.



what are your 15 essential plug-ins?(TDM/RTAS)

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19 years 8 months
An old thread right from 2002/2003 days, but here we go:

1) Amp Farm
2) PSP Vintage Warmer
3) TC Master X ( 3+5)
4) TC Chorus
5) Waves Ren Eq/Q6
6) URS N Eq
7) MC 2000
8) CB2
9) Lexiverb
10)LA 2A
11) L2
12) L1
13) Pitch in time
14) Mod Dleay
15) PSP 42/84

Have not tested yet but eager to buy:
Sony/Massenburg Eq
URSC Compressors