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Changing Tempos

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10 years 5 months
Hey guys,

(This isn't about microphones but I didn't know where else to put it)

When you are tracking music, do you ever make a tempo track that slightly changes the BPM? For example, the verses will be 124bpm, the chorus at 126bpm, and the bridge at 128? Sometimes different parts of a song will feel better at different tempos, and I'm often tempted to create a tempo track like this.

Pax Caritas et lol,

Strange Tempo Changes Across Computers Phenomenon

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12 years 11 months
Hey I figured I'd ask here because I'm new to sharing tracks over the net. I use Ableton Live and just got my friend/drummer Ableton Live so that we could share ideas and he could add drums on his end. I've been rendering down sets without drums (just my vocals, guitars, etc.) and send the Wave or MP3 to my friend.

imported audio is out of synch with session tempo

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9 years 8 months
well i recorded audio in my Sonar daw. 24 bits 48 khz
now i exported them with a clik track from a midi track.
the session was 140 bmp

now i opened a new session in pro tools and set the bpm to 140 and import (again from zero) the audio Wavesi exported from sonar.
the audio is out of sync with the click and even a midi click that i opened in pro tools...
did i missed anything? this is the first time it happens..

Slowing down tempo of audio regions in Logic after beat mapping

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9 years 10 months
I'm remixing a song and have beat mapped all the audio regions. I want to slow some of the regions/tracks down, but it just says:
"Multiple tempo events detected! Do you want to open the Tempo List?"

Do I have to redo the tempo on each tempo event if I want to slow it down? Isn't it an easier way to do it?

Logic Piano Roll question - How to have 2 different tempos in the same song?

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11 years 6 months
Hey guys, I'm sequencing drums on Logic's Piano Roll...

One of my songs is divided in 2 different tempos. when it gets to the chorus, it changes to triplets, in a different tempo. I browsed this forum, took a look on my owner's manual, but still can't find an answer.

So, how to make these tempo changes, and how to have triplets?

Tempo Note Changing confusion

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10 years 6 months
Up where you can change the tempo--you can also change the notes from, Whole note, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and then a "dotted" option. The click track goes slower when its set lower than 1/4--and anything above 1/4, it clicks faster. I think 1/4 is the default selection but if anyone can tell me what these note changes are doing/ or their purpose that'd be great, thanks

My tempo is out of Sync, Please help :(

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13 years 5 months
Please anyone help me with my problem :(

I have
Digidesign Mbox Pro
With Pro Tools 8.0.4
On Windows 7

I was just working with my midi keyboard, recording some tracks and suddenly it went out of sync. The click and all other instruments started playing slow and after faster and slow again. Just not in right tempo.
I think the clock is out of sync, but there are no any other external devices with clock.
Please help me how to improve my tempo.

Tap Tempo

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21 years 2 months
A function found in some sequencers and effect devices that have time based effects, where tapping a virtual button or an actual physical one can change the governing tempo. From two or more successive taps, the program or device will extrapolate a tempo based on beats per minute.

Tempo Question

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12 years 11 months
Probably a dumb question, but I'm doing scratch tracks to send to my drummer so that he has something to play to in the studio. The bandmates found the tempo for an uptempo song to be at 104 whereas I'm clocking it at around 200 here at home.

I think they were counting 1 (click click click) 2 (click click click) 3 (click clickk click) 4 (click click click)

Whereas I've got it at 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4.