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Fixing Horrid Sounding Toms

Hey guys I'm looking for a tool that will help me bring out transient attack in toms (or anything else). I've used transient designers quite a bit and the success rate with those aren't as high as I'd like. I've been doing some digging and I found a video from a YouTube channel I'm subscribed to that has a plugin that seems to do this ok but I can't find where to buy the damn thing.

Problems getting floor toms to sound "big" in recording

I about to start recording a band in which the drummer has 2 huge floor toms, 16X18 and 18x18. They sound really great in the room, but when they record they sound like someone hitting a bucket with a notebook on top, no resonance and no fundamental. I am using Audix D2 mics on the top on their D-vice clamps about 2 inches up and pointed at the impact point. This same placement with D2s sounds excellent on the rack toms.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Tuning Toms

Wassup everyone? I've been tuning my drumset by ear and was wondering if there is a certain note to set each tom to for a nice death metal sound. I'm thinking of starting to use a digital tuner so the notes are right on. I have four toms, should I tune them going down by like 2 steps each or what? Also, does it make any difference how my guitar is tuned to go with it? I tune down to BEADF#B like Carcass. m/ I know this is all a matter of opinion but I'd like to know how others go about tuning with a digital tuner.

Audix D2 VS MD421 on Toms?

I've been using Shure SM57's on toms, many different kits, many different players, and no matter what I can't get a good tom sound.

I know my room and pres play a big part, but I recently stopped using the 57 on snare and now use the Sennheiser E609 and get the sound I want. I'm thinking that it's more so the mic and less of the other factors.


How does the Audix D2 compare to the almighty MD421? Obviously the difference in price is about 3 fold, and one is the industry standard, but a lot can be said for an underdog.