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Which gear needs to be plugged into isolation transformer?

Hey ive been thinking about deliver clean power to my rig as it approaches completion. The use of isolation transformers seems to make sense since the rig will be in a regular house, without any modifications to the existing electric service. My questions are:

1. What pieces of gear need to be plugged into an isolation transformer?
  • Powered Studio Speakers?
  • Audio Interface/Converters?
  • The Computers?
  • Outboard pres, comps, eqs?
  • Guitar Amps?

Attenuators with transformer preamps, a good idea ?

Hi gang,

You know I own a few Focusrite ISA preamps. I'm considering buying a few attenuators to allow me to drive the transformer a bit harder and try to pull out a bit more mojo.
I currently record tracks with a peak range between -18db to -10db (on the preamp and on the DAW).

So my question is ; is it worth it ? Do pushing the transformer a bit more allow a more colored sound ?

About this item :

dbx 386 Power Transformer

Hi there! I have a dbx 386 dual channel tube preamp. It was out of service for some time and when I recently put it back in the rack only a couple of LEDs turn on. On inspection it seems that the larger of the two transformers supplying power to the PCB has transformed into a Gandalf No-Pass Filter ("None shall pass!"), i.e. voltage in to the transformer is good, voltage out is 0.

2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144

Hello, this is a second in a series of Ribbon Mic upgrades. Thought you all might be interested.

Here I updated the truss to make the ribbon element floating (not tied to the truss and chassis ground) and swapped out the transformer. This required some 3D printed ribbon mounts and covers, which could also be done with 1mm thick PCB. I also 3D printed some little wire guides, so I didn’t have to sloppily glue the plus leads to the truss. Lastly, I made a re-ribbon jig for the truss, which makes it a whole ton easier to re-ribbon it.

NTP Jørgen Schou transformers. anything modern sonically close?

hey all!

building a through box currently to compliment my Marinar and triad transformer thru box i have been looking for modern replacement for the ntp joergen Schou transformers fairly unsuccessfully. i see them pop up from time to time on eBay but are always bought up very quickly. any suggestions on something modern with similar sonic? im taking a shot in the dark here but figure its best to ask!