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Roland TM-2, Drum Triggers and Cords

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3 years 11 months
Hi all,

I am looking into buying a Roland Tm-2 but am a little confused about which cords I need to get to make my intended trigger setup work.

I intend to use a Roland PD-8 Dual Drum pad, a mono snare trigger, and a mono bass drum trigger.

Even though the TM-2 only has 2 inputs, I am pretty sure I can achieve this setup by using some kind of splitter with the two mono triggers.

Can anyone tell me if this setup is possible and which cords I am going to need to make it happen?

Thanks for any info!

SP404-SX and Drum Triggers!

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3 years 11 months
I'm looking for a way to use drum triggers to trigger my SP404sx in a live drum set up. I also have a Scarlett Focusrite 2i4 that could be used in the setup if necessary.

Could anyone tell me how I could achieve this? What sort of drum triggers I could use (something like the Roland BT-1 bars would be perfect i know i cant use these though)? I say something like the Roland BT-1 because it would be nice to be able to be able to play the pad without triggering the acoustic drum everytime.

Triggering my live cowbell off snare in Sequoia

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4 years 2 months
I LOVE tracking cowbell as I am among other things a percussionist but sometimes the snare hits are off (cause it can't possibly be me) ;>) and I can't read minds. Ha ha! So how do I trigger my cowbell off the snare so I don't have to line them up. Is this possible without a sampling plug in? :>) Thanks.

Questions on Recording Drums with Triggers

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9 years 7 months

I'm in a band and we would like to do our recordings ourselves. I can handle recording the guitars, bass, and vocals, but I have a few questions about recording drums.

What I'd like to do is to use drum triggers. Two questions arise from this:
a) Bass, snare, and tom are easy, but I haven't seen triggers for cymbals. How would I go about this?

EZ drummer, Triggers, and Digi 003

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10 years 9 months
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I cant seem to find any info on it. I run Pro Tools 8 and I have an acoustic drum kit that I want to attach triggers to. I also have a Digi 003 and EZ drummer software. I want to use the triggers with the software. I'm a bit confused as to how to do this. Is it as simple as plugging the triggers into the channels on the Digi 003 and routing it with EZ drummer?

thanks to anyone who can help.

Trigger a Korg with midi? Possible?

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13 years 3 months
Hi. Ive been making music for a while now but I'm feeling like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. So far I've been making music either completely on my Korg triton studio or completely on nuendo. But here's what I want to do and don't know what the best way to do it is. I want to make most of my music on the Korg. For drums I want to use bfd2 as a vst plugin in nuendo. And record a miced electric in nuendo as well as voice. So far I've just been sampling a whole arrangement from my Korg and bringing a wav file into nuendo.