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Tuning a snare electronically

Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare in Logic Pro to match what I heard in the video, or should I just keep digging online for a snare sample that sounds closer to what I want? If there is a way to do it in my DAW, what would you do to achieve that? EQ?

Tweaking Tuning on on a guitar or studio instrument - limits of what can be done?

I cut a lead improv over a bass track & rhythm track I laid down and ended up being surprised with the result (enough not to delete). There's a couple areas where there's some tuning anomalies - partly due to the fact the guitar was a fully floating Floyd Rose that I hadn't locked into hardtail mode and that I cut this at the end of a rather long playing session. This is particularly obvious on a couple of intervals and a few unison bends (which I tried to avoid playing) - What I don't know is if this kind of stuff can (or would be) fixed in the mix.

Vocal Tuning and Drum Quantization Service

Hello! My name is Josh Ray and I have been writing and recording music for 6 years, and I have been working in a home studio with my brother for the past two years. My experience with recording and mixing has taught me how important tuning and timing are in any mix. A pitchy vocal and/or a poor drum performance can muddy your final product before you even make it to mixing. That's where we come in!

which tuning would you use for each guitar listed?

i just put this in this forum section because I use a Mbox to Logic. I usually don't mic any amps just use the guitar amp simulators provided tweaked to my liking on the channel.
that being said, here are a few guitars I have and a tuning list I want to use for my recordings. those recordings would be rock to modern metal kinda stuff.

guitars: Gibson SG standard, stock pickups
Gibson SG special, jb57 and jazz
ESP viper -400 EMG 81/85
ESP mh-400 EMG 81/85

tunings: standard, drop C, drop A

(tuning)(pitch correction)

Hello, this is the first time that i make a post in this forum so sorry if i am a bit ignorant: p. I use to practice with my band in the building of a recording studio. The point is that when we went to make a recording the sound engineer, or whatever you want to call him, was correcting the pitch of the singer (who by the way sucked). He was using a program in which you tune the voice manually (NOT WITH AUTONUNE). I just started recording and i would like to know how I can tune my voice with a program like the one I just mentioned.

Guitar Rig - change tuning?

Hi, is it possible to change tuning of guitar in real time using native instruments guitar rig? For example, want to learn song that is down a half step. I want to plug into guitar rig and tell it half step down and off I go. So, this needs to be in real-time. It doesn't look like guitar rig could do this, maybe not possible for processing reasons. Any other programs out there?
I understand that it probably is not possible to alter string tuning, but to drop the whole thing down a half step equally seems possible.

Detuning a drum head - harmful?

My older brother is a drummer - and a stereo-type drummer who has nothing to do with music at all, he just hits things. I use his set often for recording (it's a nice old gretsch jazz set). About a week ago I detuned his floor tom, so it got that beautiful thunderous sound that makes me think of what it would sound like inside your head, were you to be hit violently in the head with a baseball bat or some other blunt object.