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How can I tune a virtual instrument (vst/vsti) to A 444 hz ?

Hello, I am currently using FL Studio (eventually would like to move on to Pro Tools). I am wondering, how can I tune a virtual instrument? I know standard tuning is A440 hz, however I would like to tune to A444. I am stuck on how to go about this.
Comments much appreciated, thank you.

Tweaking Tuning on on a guitar or studio instrument - limits of what can be done?

I cut a lead improv over a bass track & rhythm track I laid down and ended up being surprised with the result (enough not to delete). There's a couple areas where there's some tuning anomalies - partly due to the fact the guitar was a fully floating Floyd Rose that I hadn't locked into hardtail mode and that I cut this at the end of a rather long playing session.

Measurement mic for Piano Tuning Software?


Much disputed! The engineers and piano tuner/designers of "TuneLab", "Verituner," "Sanderson Accutuner" etc etc--all high end piano-tuning programs tell you, basically, NOT to spend money on a measurement microphone.

Vocal Tuning and Drum Quantization Service


Hello! My name is Josh Ray and I have been writing and recording music for 6 years, and I have been working in a home studio with my brother for the past two years. My experience with recording and mixing has taught me how important tuning and timing are in any mix.

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which tuning would you use for each guitar listed?

i just put this in this forum section because I use a Mbox to Logic. I usually don't mic any amps just use the guitar amp simulators provided tweaked to my liking on the channel.
that being said, here are a few guitars I have and a tuning list I want to use for my recordings. those recordings would be rock to modern metal kinda stuff.

tuning and pitch correction

Hello, this is the first time that i make a post in this forum so sorry if i am a bit ignorant: p. I use to practice with my band in the building of a recording studio. The point is that when we went to make a recording the sound engineer, or whatever you want to call him, was correcting the pitch of the singer (who by the way sucked).

Guitar Rig - change tuning?

Hi, is it possible to change tuning of guitar in real time using native instruments guitar rig? For example, want to learn song that is down a half step. I want to plug into guitar rig and tell it half step down and off I go. So, this needs to be in real-time. It doesn't look like guitar rig could do this, maybe not possible for processing reasons. Any other programs out there?