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Ever tried a harmonizer? TC Helicon VoiceWorks

I dug this unit out today - and the video is a walkthrough of the different preset programmes. Some are useful, some just plain strange! I can see the solo singer in a bar maybe? You have to work hard to create your own pile of songs through!

Audio Video help for online tutorials

I'm planning to build a tutorial section of my painting services and would sure value advice on what I need to get started.
If I could get anywhere near the quality of @pcrecord (Marco you do such a great job on your tutorials) or anyone that can help.

Gearfest Tracking/Mixing tutorials at PureMix

PureMix has the http://www.puremix… mixing tutorials by Fab Dupont from Sweetwater's Gearfest 2011 up. They are free. Some comments.

1. As you would expect at a Sweetwater Gearfest there is a lot of focus on gear. But the sales pitch is relatively soft and I did not find it annoying.