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M5 Matched Pair in X/Y Coincident Configuration: Recording A String Quartet

This demonstration of the Rode M5 sounds pretty good.

I've own this RODE M5 kit and found them to be a great price but a bit metallic sounding. I tried them through a variety of tube pre's which helped soften the sound but still wasn't overly happy with the sound. They are a hell of a deal for the price though.

Its interesting how something sounds ok today when I don't have another option to compare against. I put more focus on the overall performance and simply enjoyed to whole video and the group performing. 

I'm a sucker for string quartets.


How To Make Midi Drums Sound Real

I've been challenged in the last 19 months to create music VERY fast for video projects.  I created a video showing the process I've been using to get better drums sounds using stock logic drum tones.  I prefer recording drums with a real drummer however this has been a fantastic challenge in its own right. 

P.S.  If it is annoying for me to post videos in the forum I have no problem removing them:)  These are the things in music that are exciting for me so I thought I would share it. 

Audio Video help for online tutorials

I'm planning to build a tutorial section of my painting services and would sure value advice on what I need to get started.
If I could get anywhere near the quality of pcrecord (Marco you do such a great job on your tutorials) or anyone that can help.
  • What are my mic and video camera choices?

  • How would you control the loud background for example: vacuum sanders or spraying while I am describing what I'm doing in a loud shop?

Microphone Tutorials on Youtube

Hi guys.

I've finally found the time to continue my "Microphone Tutorial" project - and I've just released Chapter four through Seven in a series of Microphone Tutorials on Youtube.
Some of you might find it trivial, but I bet a lot of you will find at least some of the points interesting. There is quite a few studio related videos on my channel, so if you like i, make sure to "Like" my channel for notifications of future updates. I will be posting more Microphone Tutorial videos very soon.