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vintech audio

Vintech Audio x73i - Power Supply

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6 years 10 months
Hello everybody. I purchased a Vintech audio x73i, and I have a question for experts...
Power supply is for 120v/60Hz; but in our country is 220v... So i need to buy a transformer from 220v to 110v. My question is; if anybody knows that's the power consumption of "Vintech power supply"? ... transformer must be 100 watt... 300watt ... 600watt? ...
and by the way "Vintech Power Supply" is a pulse transformer or classic?(Electron).
this is important when choosing a transformer 220v to 110v.

p.s. sorry for the translation

Vintech x73i

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6 years 3 months
Hi this is my first post and I want to thank you guys in advance for any feedback. I'm certain I'll learn a lot.

I do voiceovers and this is my mic chain. Miktek c7e/Vintech x73i/Purple Audio mc77.

Of course the Vintech does not have nput/output meters. I was told by the manufacturer in order to set up the x73i properly, crank the output volume and to adjust the input level selector. The issue I have is that the output level that I arrive at once this is done, is very low going into the mc77. Does this matter?

vocal compressor with Neumann U87+Vintech X73i

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6 years 10 months

Hi everyone, I purchased a Neumann U87 microphone (vintage "1980) and Vintech Audio X73i, now I want to counsel,
I want to buy a compressor but do not know what better jump suit in this chain ...
Thinking about
WARM AUDIO WA76, but maybe you have other ideas, not expensive but perfect for this configuration

Summit Audio MPC-100A vs Vintech X73i

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6 years 10 months
Hi all, I want some advice on the pre-amp.
Neumann Microphone u87ai + Summit Audio MPC-100A
Neumann Microphone u87ai + Vintech X73i
How do you think that version is better? ...
We have possibility to acquire Summit Audio MPC-100A at a good price ...
Initially I wanted to buy Vintech X73i ... but now I do not know what to decide ..
Thank You
p.s. In combination Neumann Microphone u87ai + Summit Audio MPC-100A
possible we include Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec Style Tube Equalizer

Neve vs Vintech

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21 years 2 months
I ran into an old engineer friend last night at a gig, he had just returned from doing some tracking work at a studio in Florida, and of course, the talk eventually got around to gear... in particular, to preamps.

He mentioned that on the latest project he was working on, that he had used several Vintech 573's (500 Series stuff) on a variety of tracks, mostly vocals. (The Vintech 573 is a "clone" module of the famous Neve 1073 preamp.)

Advice for new front end ! (saffire56, 4-710, isa2, vintech273)

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8 years 9 months
Hi guys,

Here's my new plan :
-Audio interface : Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (which is gone on warranty right now)
-Premps/converters : Next buy a Universal Audio 4-710 (which have 4 preamps + 8 converters)
-Added Preamp to the 4-710 : Focusrite ISA Two (which I already have) (2 preamps)
-Added Preamp to the 4-710 : buy later a Vintech 273 later on (2 preamps)

I sampled 15 snare drums using high end gear (Vintech, Lavry...) !

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10 years 7 months

Hello guys, here is a new product : my snare drum collection !

I sampled a 15 snare drums collection, using high end gear and my background as a drummer. You'll find multi-velocities samples (4 rimshot hits, 3 medium hits, and 3 soft hits) in WAV format (top and bottom snare) for each one. You'll also find the same files in .TCI (Slate Trigger) format.
All samples are natural, no post-processing involved.

Vintech Audio X73i + Matching Comp?

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21 years 2 months

First post for me at Recording.Org. I recently puchased a Vintech X73i and I'd like to get some opinions/recommendations on a good compressor to match this unit.

I'm looking for something primarily for vocals + guits/bass as a secondary criteria.

I've researched the Sebatron Nitrous, Daking FET Comp2 and the Distressor EL8. This is the price range I'd like to stay within. Of course, if there's something a couple hundreds up or down, I'd still consider it.

Vintech X73,X73i,X81

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16 years 11 months
I know the main diff on these is the EQ section. Do you guys think the X73 and specifically the X81 warrant the extra dough? Or could I get by with the X73i? Would I feel like Im missing something with the X73i and wish I had gotten the X81?

Would I use all the extra Q points and such to warrant the extra cost?

thanks fro your thoughts

Shane 8)