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Real Guitars? Or can we just go the VSTi route?

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7 years 9 months
All my music of the last ten years falls into chillout, or classical really. Rarely voices, apart from the show tracks and stuff like that - but the stuff I put out there is slowish mainly, and orchestral or synthetic in nature. My guitars get used live with the band, but my own recordings are pretty old-fashioned. I'm happy with this.

Vocoder VSTi for Cubase

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7 years 9 months
I'm just finishing a track for a show - Carpenters - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, and have a new respect for Richard Carpenter's orchestrations - as in it's taken me three days so far, two bars at a time to pull out what each instrument and voice is actually playing - but that bits done. (I also wish they'd used a metronome as that would have made life much easier too - but that's just for me and the tempo track!)

Effect of session sample rates vsti samples

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12 years 4 months
hey I've been looking into BFD 3 closely while its %50 off. When I looked on google someone in a forum said that BFD 3 samples were recorded at 44.1, so the computer has to re-sample in real time when your using it st any other sample rate in a session.

I was under an assumption that the sample sets in vsti were done at each sample rate supported by the pluggin, as opposed to re calculated in realtime. Is this the common way in most vsti?

hardware synths vs vst/vsti?

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8 years 3 months
ok...I'm curious, I currently have a rack of samplers and synths, a carry over from my midi days... (aka 5000, Roland 550) and more.

I'm curious to know since the computers are getting far more powerful, and the vst's are getting so good, who has migrated to vst solutions and has abandoned hardware synth all together?

This is coming from my deep dive in Studio One and working with MAI THAI synth and presence XT.

How can I tune a virtual instrument (vst/vsti)? Would like to tune to A444 hz

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6 years 10 months
Hello, I am currently using FL Studio (eventually would like to move on to Pro Tools). I am wondering, how can I tune a virtual instrument? I know standard tuning is A440 hz, however I would like to tune to A444. I am stuck on how to go about this.
Comments much appreciated, thank you.

Need Recommendation: Live VSTi Host For Win 7 Laptop

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16 years 8 months

I recently bought a Win7 laptop for home use. I'm going to try to re-purpose it for use as a 'Rompler'... to replace my Korg and Ensoniq Keyboard WS which are getting ready to die.

I don't need a lot of sequencing... I just need to switch patches quickly. So this is meant to be not much more than a glorified multi-preset keyboard.

I've checked that the laptop is audio-ready. I'm about to go get a USB audio interface, but before I do I want to figure out a hosting solution.

Steinberg "the grand" VSTi - strange ring overtone ?

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12 years 11 months
Has anyone else experienced an odd problem with "the grand" piano VSTi from steinberg where there is a high pitch ringing overtone (not clipping, static) on the lower register b-flat and b keys? (happens on recording and blaybackIt sounds just like mic feedback. Eliminating the ambience, hammer-release settings, etc.. doesn't solve the problem, but when I change to the "bright" piano in the global settings from "natural" or "soft", it is far less prevalent. It's version 2.