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The 02R96 Digital Mixing Console offers 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio processing without compromise, comprehensive surround mixing and monitoring, including bass manage-ment, and hands-on control of popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) systems.

02R96 fault...

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone can help. Got my 02R96 V2 out of it's box today after not using it for some time. It was working fine the last time I used it, but today it's acting kinda strange.

Screen comes on when powered up and it looks like it's running through it's boot routine. Screen is glitchy, plus when the loading bar reaches the end I get the following message:

Thoughts On Yamaha 02R96

I've been thinking of spending a lot of bread on a hard disk recorder...On top of a bunch of outboard gear.
Maybe this will be the all in one piece I've been looking for.

Anyone with experience using the piece?
Does it sync with pro tools?
Is it a standalone recorder? I'd like to record instruments IN the box.. Then sync it with pro tools to track vocals.

02R96 help

Hi Everyone,
My first post, looks like this is a pretty cool site.. I have been running an old Spectrasonics (from the record plant LA) console and 3M analog 2-inch since 1990. Well I just got a Yamaha 02R96 this week. yeah I'm finally embracing digital (keeping my old stuff though)! I need help getting to know the beast. Anyone out there willing to help, I will pay..

Yamaha 02R Malfunction

The data wheel and right cursor button on my (3rd hand) 02r aren't working properly.
Both are intermittent. Very troubling when trying to change values!
Other buttons are ok, some are better than others.

I tried re-initializing but still the same.

Can someone advise me or direct me to some help?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!