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Recording 7 mics at once to PC, how?

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I am new to the forums, and this seems like a patient community to ask some noob questions about. :p
What I have:
7 drum mics
Acid Pro 5
Sonar Home Studio
PC with fire wire and usb ports
Guitar and bass

What I am trying to do:
Record 7 mics from a drum set at once into digital audio for my computer so I can edit the seperate tracks in Acid or Sonar. As well as then recording synthesizer guitar or bass over the drum track.
My budget:
500.00 (about)
What i need:
somehting to turn 7 mics of audio into digital audio, with phantom power for two of the mics.
My Questions:
What exactly do I need to record 7 mics at once to my computer and still be able to edit the seperate tracks in acid or sonar?
Do I need a pre-amp along with an 8 channel mixer?
Do I simply need an audio interface for my pc?
I have tried to research as much as i can about mixers and all, so I am not completely hopeless.
Any help/specific item suggestions is greatly appreciated!
People in real life dont have enough patients for me, so I turn to the internet!



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saemskin Tue, 04/18/2006 - 19:00
first: you do not "need" a mixer. No one does. :D

What audio interface (sound card) are you using? I dont see one listed.
posssible combinations for you would be:

-The presonus firepod, has 8 mic pre's on it. (probably your least expensive solution)


-any old sound card with an adat optical input, such as a M-Audio firewire 410
-a mackie 800R which is an 8 channel mic preamp with adat optical out.


a mixer with 8 or more preamp inputs, but unless it has a usb/firewire audio output you would be stuck mixing all 8 mics BEFORE it hits your DAW.

AFAIK Sonar should be able to arm several inputs at once for recording. giving you separate recorded signals to go bakc and edti as you please.

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saemskin Tue, 04/18/2006 - 19:09
Re-reading your post, I want you to understand you must amplify your mic signals via a microphone preamp. Mic signals are very quiet and must be amplified.
Which brings me back to the fact the Firepod is probably your best solution at this point.

Everyone else: are there other audio interfaces at a similar price point with that many mic pre's on it?

Than again Holidayz, if you had a budget greater than 500$, you could get this: as it has 24 freakin inputs
and a really nice preamp such as:

but the Firepod will suit you just fine.

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Boswell Wed, 04/19/2006 - 14:33
With the budget figure you specify, I would go for the Behringer ADA8000 coupled via ADAT optical lightpipe to a Marian Marc A PCI interface card in your PC. This will give you 8 channels of microphone input (with phantom power) at 24bit/48KHz. You also get 8 channels of analog out for free.

To stay within budget and get all 8 tracks to disk you need a free sound editor that has an ASIO interface, such as Kristal (Audacity won't do this).