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Hey all,

The UAD Studer A800 has seen a lot of hype in the last few months and I thought I'd make it easier for people to evaluate its sound by offering a comprehensive set of sound clips. Please listen to 96 sound clips here:


* I've used 6 audio sources: Bass, Electronic Drums, Acoustic Drums, Male Speech, Female Vocals, and a Drum & Bass mix bus.
* Each was processed through the 4 types of tape: 250, 456, 900, GP9
* At 3 different input levels: +8dB, +16dB, +24dB
* Most sound clips are at IPS 15, there are a handful at IPS 7 and IPS 30
* Calibration is always +6
* A few special cases in there as well: HF Driver set to max and Bias set to min

If you found this useful, make sure to check out the 150 or so sound clips for the recently released UAD Lexicon 224 classic digital reverb here:



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