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problem with reading indexes on mastered CD

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I just finished mastering my first 10 dialogue CDs. They sound flat but LOUD just as requested by the customer. (yuck) Anyway, I give them the CDs burned with Toast at 2x on my MAC G4. Then all hell breaks loose, the CDs only read to the eighth track on the customer's little ghetto blasters. The rest of the entire recording continues after, but on the same index. The recording is there, but the machines can't read the indexes. At the same time, the indexes appear on both the MAC and PC fine.

I don't have a burner for the PC, someone on a previous post suggested a plextor premium drive. For simplicity sake, I'd rather do everything on the MAC, so, is the MAC burner OK, or do I really need another? And what about software? Is there something better for MAC or is PC the only way to go? If so, would someone kindly suggest a program?