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MOTU 828 mk2 USB

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Hi, I just purchased the MOTU on a whI'm because I got it for 250 bucks from a friend in need. I use mostly sonar5 but I have used just about everything in the way of software. I really like the features of this card over firepods i currently use. I was going to buy RME but if the MOTU works out then ill probably go that route.
My question is.
I use PC, does anyone have experience with this usb card and PC?
I know when USB started it was shakey but its been some time so I was hoping maybe it smoothed out. Of coarse I use usb 2.0. I have 2 systems one is amd 4400 x2 and the other is a p4 extreme. all my systems are maxed out with memory (4gigs) and have powerful proessors etc. I know RME is the best but MOTU is also a quality company.
do I really have to use xp pro with service pack 1?


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bwmac Mon, 07/02/2007 - 00:13
Hi there papapill.

The only thing I can tell you because my 828mkll is only a week old, is that My AMD core 2 x 64 only has sp1 because sp2 will screw your system up. IMO.
I tried sp2 and uninstalled it due to locking up problems.
I ran sonar 6 last night and put down two rythem tracks left and right and then two lead tracks, also lt/rt
I used the surround 5.1 template.
It seemed to come through awesome clear but the trim was cranked to get enough gain/level.
I was micing the amp (57shure) but i normally run everything in direct to eliminate room noise and reverb. sounds like we have sym systems.

Lets keep this post going as to keep each other in the loop.
Later man