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firewire audio interface


FireWire is a high-speed real-time interface for the Serial bus used for data transfer between enabled devices. It offers sustained high speeds of over 3,200 Megabits per second, making it a preferred choice for digital audio/video camcorders, PCs, and home entertainment units.

MOTU 828 mkii

I have a small home studio and I recently purchased an MOTU 828 as my recording interface. This is the USB2 version of the interface and should really be a great addition to my set up but I cannot get it to work properly.

Does anyone know of any known issues with this interface?

I get a lot of crackle in the audio, I have set up several sound cards in the past and I have never had these issues.

Im running on a fresh install of windows XP with plenty of RAM

All of the drivers are set up properly and I am using it with Ableton's Live

MOTU 828(mk1) to RME multiface(mk1) - noticeable difference?

will i notice a big difference if i upgrade from my MOTU 828 (mk1) to an RME multiface (mk1)?

i produce electronic music and don't do much actual recording.

i can buy a used multiface for $400 however i will then need to purchase the expresscard ($600! new and i cant find it used anywhere) so the overall investment will be about a grand.

is the improvement in transparency noticeable enough to drop a grand?

Direct Recording with a effect in LP8/motu828mk2

basically, i have Shure ksm27/Avalon 737sp/motu828mk2/art X4 headphone amp.Specs lp8/ppc g5 quad.osx10.4.11 buffer @ 128
yesterday i was recording and i wanted to add a effect like reverb etc but i dont want to effect the latency.
then i started researching and notice ive been recording whilst software monitoring was on and ive had a little latency but never noticed till my friend commented (complained) on it.

Help with MOTU 828 MKII, 8pre, and Cubase SX3

I recently purchased a MOTU 8pre to expand the number of microphone preamps on my 828 MKII so my band can record a demo with a full drumset. I'm running Cubase SX3, and I can't figure out how to set it up so that I have 10 different inputs (8 from the 8pre, plus the 2 on the MKII) recording at once in Cubase. There is sound from the mics coming through my monitors, so I know that the sound must be coming through in some way. I'm using a fiber optic cable to slave the 8pre to the MKII. I've looked through the manual, but I can't figure it out.

MOTU larger than 828MKII vs. 24 version vs. PreSonus/ other ?

Hi, I am planning on buying a macbook pro soon, likely 17inch, upgrading to 7200 RPM, and maybe the 4 gigs of Ram option.
Eventually I'd like to be able to do some portable multitrack recording on it. I was reading up on tweaks guide and lots of other things I could find on the net. I have a question regarding the MOTU 828MKII 24/96 Audio Interface.

MOTU 828

Hi, I'm using my MOTU 828 markII as an interface for my computer.
In my other room I have a drum set. I have a HP PreSonus which I'm trying to use for the drummer to listen to the track but I don't know how to connect it to the MOTU 828 an get sound from it.
Please help me .



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