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motu 828


The MOTU 828 is a high-quality audio interface offering analogue, S/PDIF and ADAT connectivity combined with the convenience of FireWire. It also includes a pair of mic amps and an integral monitoring system making it a true one-box solution.

MOTU 828 mkii

I have a small home studio and I recently purchased an MOTU 828 as my recording interface. This is the USB2 version of the interface and should really be a great addition to my set up but I cannot get it to work properly.

Does anyone know of any known issues with this interface?

I get a lot of crackle in the audio, I have set up several sound cards in the past and I have never had these issues.

Im running on a fresh install of windows XP with plenty of RAM

All of the drivers are set up properly and I am using it with Ableton's Live

MOTU 828(mk1) to RME multiface(mk1) - noticeable difference?

will i notice a big difference if i upgrade from my MOTU 828 (mk1) to an RME multiface (mk1)?

i produce electronic music and don't do much actual recording.

i can buy a used multiface for $400 however i will then need to purchase the expresscard ($600! new and i cant find it used anywhere) so the overall investment will be about a grand.

is the improvement in transparency noticeable enough to drop a grand?

Direct Recording with a effect in LP8/motu828mk2

basically, i have Shure ksm27/Avalon 737sp/motu828mk2/art X4 headphone amp.Specs lp8/ppc g5 quad.osx10.4.11 buffer @ 128
yesterday i was recording and i wanted to add a effect like reverb etc but i dont want to effect the latency.
then i started researching and notice ive been recording whilst software monitoring was on and ive had a little latency but never noticed till my friend commented (complained) on it.

Help with MOTU 828 MKII, 8pre, and Cubase SX3

I recently purchased a MOTU 8pre to expand the number of microphone preamps on my 828 MKII so my band can record a demo with a full drumset. I'm running Cubase SX3, and I can't figure out how to set it up so that I have 10 different inputs (8 from the 8pre, plus the 2 on the MKII) recording at once in Cubase. There is sound from the mics coming through my monitors, so I know that the sound must be coming through in some way. I'm using a fiber optic cable to slave the 8pre to the MKII. I've looked through the manual, but I can't figure it out.

Recording setting for SONAR and MOTU 828mkII

I am currently using SONAR 7 Producer Ed.,
and MOTU 828 mkII for audio interface.

I use SONAR for vocal recording.
My aI'm is:
Record dry signal, but give some reverb effect to singer during recording.

What's the traditional setting to achieve, without latency?

My current setting is:
1. use cuemix console to echo the incoming dry signal immediately back to singer's headphone(signal without passing thru SONAR)

MOTU larger than 828MKII vs. 24 version vs. PreSonus/ other ?

Hi, I am planning on buying a macbook pro soon, likely 17inch, upgrading to 7200 RPM, and maybe the 4 gigs of Ram option.
Eventually I'd like to be able to do some portable multitrack recording on it. I was reading up on tweaks guide and lots of other things I could find on the net. I have a question regarding the MOTU 828MKII 24/96 Audio Interface.

The MOTU 828mk11 multi ch, which driver

In the manual for the 828 it says
"If your host audio software does not support WDM drivers,
enable wave driver compatibility in the MOTU audio WDM driver
so that all of the 828mk11's inputs and outputs show up in your software."

What it means is to enable the (MME) drivers which are less efficiant and
it even states it.

I use sonar-6 and I am wondering why all of my I/O dont show up.
In my drop down menu for the track input it shows everything in pairs.


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