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Can't get rid of annoying frequencies, can anyone help ?

Hi fellas,

I'm running purely with Logic pro 7.2 on a mac G5 ppc . My tracks sound fine (to my ill experienced ears) when i play them straight out of their logic sessions, even when i put my headphones on. But as soon as i bounce the track projects into single files and play them back one by one i start to hear these weired low frequency "wibblewoobles" with my headphones, especially after a break when something like a crash comes in ... I'm not a big technical know how in music production so i can safely say that i am totally lost as to what could be the problem... I've tried different eq's, cutting out bad harmonics on the bass, kick, crashes ... but no luck :(

I'm still hoping this is simple school child error due to my little knowledge on digital recording...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

you can check out some of my problem tracks here (starting from the second tune and down )


Member Wed, 11/07/2007 - 06:10

Thanks for all your posts, i recon i might have a lead into fixing the problem...

I did think for second that these problems could be fixed by a mastering engineer or someone who does manipulate dithering properly.... And that may still be possible ...

It could be the disks on my computer as i've noticed they run fairly hard leaving about 2.5 gig ram (out of 3) as available memory....

But then again it does sound like there is some kinda of phasing going on ... I did suspect that ... I wonder if that is also something a mastering engineer can fix or if there is anything i can do to sort it out ?

As for the low end reverbs ... That could also be a possibility although I don't apply reverbs to low end scores. Other than my kick and bass nothing really goes that far down the frequency range ... Maybe there is something i'm not getting with the reverbs. I

Its definatly low / mid-low frequency glitch .... I'll try some other headphones ... and mess a litle more with the EQ's

Thanks for your suggestions

Member Sat, 11/03/2007 - 12:59
Hi kalimero.

it must be a very low freq thing, cause I'm not hearing anything out of the ordinary thru these very cheap headphones plugged straight into the computer. Although I haven't any experience with this genre, it sounds well done.

Sounds like someone's parent had a copy of Pink Floyd's UmmaGumma laying around. "A small collection of furry creatures huddled in a cave grooving on a pic" I think is the title of the one your 2nd song reminds me of. I could be wrong. That was um... 35-40 years ago?

anyway, if what you're referring to as "wibblewobbles" sound like clicks and pops, you may want to take a look at your CPU loading. DAW's will sometimes start making noise when the cpu usage gets up near 90-100%.