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Im starting a band and right now we have learned a few cover from The White Stripes, The Kinks and Chuck Berry. Were most likely to be doing a CD this winter that we might sell for like $5 or something. The CD would have mostly our own songs and a few covers. But i wondering if we can do covers on a CD. Does anyone know if we have to talk to someone about it or can we just record the songs.

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maintiger Thu, 09/09/2004 - 11:06

wakeupbomb wrote: "In the US you can get a license to record and sell CDs with cover songs. You must pay 8.5 cents to the owner of the copyright for each cover song on the album, per CD sold."
Doesn't this amount change from time to time?

if I may add, this also includes downloads and even songs you give away. The fact that you give someone else's song away does not absolves you frtom having to pay- on the contrary, you have a legal and moral obligation to pay the copyright owner for usage of his/her work. After all, how would you like it if someone else recorded your songs and were out there giving them away! :D