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hi there everyone. i recently picked up this old mixing desk for a good price and ive been wanting to try and get it up and running and see what it sounds like. my first step is that i need to get a 4 pin power supply cable to power the unit and wanted to see if anyone knew exactly what voltage and everything something like this would need.


i am also just curious if anyone knows anything about this desk or can tell me anything about how it works, or even what features it has. apparently it used to belong to the producer of the band liquid gold. im just interested in any tips for getting it running, tips for using it, or any information even remotely related to the make or the uses it could have

thanks for the help!

power supply socketpower socket further back


here is the socket from the inside

internal power socket picture


here are some pictures of the desk overall:

deskclose up 1close up 2


here is the back of the desk

back of deskmiddle of backside of back desk


here is a picture of all of the circuitry

internal circuitry


paulears Wed, 01/31/2024 - 00:10

I knew the drummer, Eddie Rothe, lovely guy, and he played with the Searchers for years, until he met Jane McDonald when he left the band and they got married. The mixer was I think a special build, to do specific things that normal mixers of the period didn’t do. The XLR is a common choice for 12v connection, but it has 4 wires, so again, custom. What you are going to have to do is follow the wires, pin one is probably ground, and examine the circuit. This is a small module in the middle, perhaps a voltage regulator? It might have labels on it. My guess is pin 4 might be say 12v, and the other two could be 48v for phantom. If so, then follow these and they’ll go two two rails that connect to each mic input via two resistors, 680 ohms probably. Once you work out where the main power supply voltage goes to, you should have more of a clue.

its interesting, but I’m not sure it will perform that well. The pot design suggests they will crackle like mad, and replacing them will be a mega job, even though the channel strips are separate. It will mean cutting the busses, removing them, fixing them and then restoring the bus wiring. Hard work. 

you’ll probably need to make a power supply, or if you can sacrifice phantom, you might discover it’s something like 12v and that is off the shelf at decent current, which will be higher than wall wart type supplies can provide.

i rather liked liquid gold. Dance yourself dizzy was the one I remember. Eddie was a great drummer and a really nice guy.