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Is there a plugin that is similar to beat detective that works well in Cubase? So far i can't find anything that comes close to working as well as beat detective.

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dennisisme Thu, 05/08/2008 - 09:19

I'm actually wondering if there is any program similar to Beat Detective that works in Cubase. If it was native for Cubase I would have already bought it haha. I work with a lot of fast drumming death/black metal bands in which beat detective is almost a necessity. I'm just considering buying an LE system just to use beat detective and then using SSL Pro Convert to send the tracks back over to Cubase. It's expensive but in order to stay in the game for this type of music I need to use Beat Detective and so far that seems like the only possible way. I know i can use math equations to figure out where to place hitpoints and move hits but by the time i did one small section, BT could have already finished the whole song.



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